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Our mission

Go Life foundation was created to help and provide humanitarian assistance. We work in many areas and focus on a big range of recipients. We promote activity, physcial culture and personal growth among kids, youth and adults. We are also putting on healthy lifestyle, trying to improve its quality amid most needy people. As a foundation we form the human awareness through organising workshop, courses and training in many life aspects with particular regard to health promoting.

let’s save Franek


Dear Sir or Madam, As Go Life Foundation we take care of terminally ill Franek, who is a 7-year-old boy living in Ruda Śląska, Poland. He has been diagnosed with lymphoblastic leukemia, which is a bone marrow cancer. We could not remain unmoved or untouched, that is why our foundation decided to help, among other, by organising a fundraiser and a charity concert which is to be held on 24th October this year. At the concert there will be an auction with the auction items given by our noble and generous donors. Hence, we respectfully request any possible gadgets and gifts that you could send to us.  All of them will be bid, and the income from the auction will be channeled to assist Franek and his treatment. Below you can find our Facebook profile with all the current information concerning Franek, the process of his treatment, and the progress of our fundraiser. On behalf of Franek, his parents and Go Life Foundation, we kindly ask you to support our auction. We look forward to your favourable reply. Respectfully, Go Life Foundation

Internship program We organize internship programs in different age groups (adults, students and childrens), mainly focusing on the most talented persons helping them in personal growth and career development. Organising of cultural events

Organising of sporting events Our foundation organize sporting events, that are adressed to people in different age groups. We work in many areas of sports and let people achive their personal best in: running, cycling and many other sports.

Assistance to those in need We provide assitance to needy and sick persons, that are in difficult personal situation. We help those, who are deprived of the livelihood and we make their life easier.

Trainings, courses, workshop We conduct many professional courses, workshops and trainings. We mainly focus on healthy lifestyle, health and environment protection, promotion of physical activity.

We organize cultural and art events, for example: music concerts, kids, youth and adult party, art and painting exhibitions.

Completed tasks:
2020/2021 - Fundraiser at http://pomagam.pl/ - Helping to Krzysztof, Janina, Dorota and disabled Magdalena with their difficult life situations
2020 - Shopping for senior - Helping to older people with shopping during Covid-19 pandemy
2020 - Scholarship fund - Charity run, money from entry fee was used for a scholarship to a talented student of high school in Gliwice
2020 - Let's give the Christmass to children - gift cards in charity event for kids from family orphanage in Ruda Śląska
2019 - Let's give the Christmass to children - candys and gift cards in charity event for kids from family orphanage in Ruda Śląska
2019 - Theatre performance for kids from family orphanage in Ruda Śląska
2019 - BNI football tournament for kids from family orphanage in Ruda Śląska

Our plans:
2021/2022 - charity street runs
2021/2022 - charity artistic events

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